Official Releases

We provide installer and binary packages for different platforms as downloads. See the installation guide in the Documentation section of this website for instructions on how to use the installers on different platforms.

  • Release 5.3.710 (25.09.2022)
    Release Notes


    • Added screen-sharing.
    • Added stream participants list.
    • Send chat messages to all participants.
    • Receive private chat messages.


    • Fixed import of recordings with a different audio format.

  • Release 5.1.660 (15.06.2022)
    Release Notes


    • 🆕 Select PDF document templates for whiteboards, quizzes and message slides.
    • Changed quiz file storage format which fixed multiple quiz format related bugs.
    • Simplified, removed old and unsupported settings.
    • Fixed page removal with whiteboards.
    • Added device selection dialog prior starting a recording.
    • Fixed Linux build for older (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04) systems.
    • Closed memory leak while recording.


    • Reintroduced deletion of single actions without markers.
    • Faster waveform generation.
    • Increased zoom level for the waveform.
    • Fixed rendering issues with the timeline.
    • Fixed zoomed view-port rendering.

  • Release 5.1.555 (04.04.2022)
    Release Notes


    • Removed save quiz results menu item. Quiz results still can be saved via document export.
    • Preserve compatibility to old configs.
    • Configurable streaming server name in stream settings.
    • Fixed drag and drop of toolbar-buttons that now render the icon dragged into the toolbar on Linux systems.
    • Fixed package version number on Linux systems.
    • Fixed starting a stream without any connected cameras on Linux.


    • Fixed STA vs. MTA issue which blocked the usage of audio playback devices on some systems.

  • Release 5.1.544 (28.03.2022)
    Release Notes


    • Fixed and improved many quiz related issues (handling, rendering, etc.).
    • Introduced new multi-screen layout options for the main view.
      • Create external windows for messages, speech, and slide preview.
    • Change position of tabs in the main view.
    • Show received text messages on slides that can be recorded and shared via stream.
    • Improved local camera image quality.
    • Improved stream event handling.
    • Quality based selection of camera stream profiles.


    • Fixed audio playback device selection when device is gone.
    • Fixed rare cases of cutting tool events.

    All apps

    • Updated dependencies that have security issues fixed.

    Known Bugs

    • Drag and drop of toolbar-buttons does not render the icon of the button dragged into the toolbar on some Linux systems.

  • Release 5.0.438 (17.01.2022)
    Release Notes

    New WebRTC based streaming
    Visit the streaming portal to setup your course you want to stream (members of TU Darmstadt only). On the website you will find the manual (currently in German) how to stream and attend your course.


    • Customizable toolbar.
    • Added new buttons to the toolbar: previous/next slide, start stream, start quiz, (un)mute microphone and camera for the stream.
    • Improved audio recording quality: new audio system implementation with high-pass filter, echo cancellation and noise suppression.
    • Select best native camera format for selected aspect ratio.
    • Integrated quizzes into streamed courses, including presenting quiz results.
    • Fixed stylus drawing in fullscreen mode.
    • Fixed text-field input conflict with some shortcuts.
    • Fixed close PDF document and saving this document afterwards.
    • Block quiz-slide selection until the quiz is closed.
    • Simplified settings.


    • Fixed rare UI render issues on some platforms.
    • Fixed cutting annotations which manipulate the view state.

    All apps

    • Append app version to app logs.

    Known Bugs

    • Drag and drop of toolbar-buttons does not render the icon of the button dragged into the toolbar on some Linux systems.

  • Release 4.4.288 (15.10.2021)
    Release Notes

    New WebRTC based streaming
    Visit the streaming portal to setup your course you want to stream (members of TU Darmstadt only). On the website you will find the manual (currently in German) how to stream and attend your course.

  • Release 4.4.170 (07.06.2021)
    Release Notes


    • Fixed camera preview in camera settings.
    • Fixed recording quiz slides.
    • Fixed recording of PDF slides.
    • Fixed saving recording name with combination of whiteboards.
    • Introduced broadcast profiles in live stream settings.
    • Minor UI state fixes.


    • Fixed rendering of the main slide view.
    • Fixed default path when saving the changed recording.
    • Show document preview in it’s final playback state.
    • Show document preview in it’s final playback state in video export.


    • Switched to a more efficient and faster Quarkus implementation.

    Web services

    • Improved security with rolling certificates.
    • Fixed starting quizzes without to stop the previous one.

    All apps

    • Version checking that will show a notification if a new version of lectureStudio is available (to receive notifications please make sure that the corresponding setting is activated in the general settings of the app).

  • Release 4.4.96 (30.04.2021)
    Release Notes


    • Fixed microphone settings (adjustment and recording test)
    • Fixed recorded slides to PDF export (annotation positions, blending mode and extended/zoomed view)
    • Fixed scaling of recorded pointer and zoom-rectangle
    • Simplified slides to PDF export view (less user interaction required)
    • Option for full screen mode in general settings


    • Simplified recording export options (HTML video player automatically created with the compressed video)
    • Fixed rendering of text annotations
    • Fixed inconsistencies with multiple deletions
    • Shrink selection and glue selection sliders to the main slider
    • New feature: save document to PDF (File - Save document)
    • New feature: replace selected pages with new ones
    • New feature (alpha stage): in-/decrease volume in selected areas


    lecturePlayer (Web)

    • Fixed annotation rendering in preview slides
    • Improved pointer appearance

    All apps

    • Fixed language setting
    • Added notification that a restart of the app is required to take effect of the language setting
    • Added ‘Info’ tab to about view
    • Stabilized Linux and macOS versions
    • Save and re-use the recently used directory when opening/saving files

  • Release 4.3.1314 (24.02.2021)
    Release Notes
    • lectureEditor: New function - insert recordings (passages) into a recording.

    • lectureEditor: Notification on exit whether an edited recording should be saved.

    • lectureEditor: Fixed export of the HTML Vector Player. The HTML Vector Player is still in beta.

    • lecturePresenter: Volume control added to microphone settings.

    • lecturePresenter: Automatic adjustment of the microphone volume improved.

    • lecturePlayer: Newly added to the software package. Can play presenter- and compressed plr files. (Beta Version)

    • Several improvements and bug-fixes across the system.

    • macOS: App installation via PKG file.

    • The user manual has been updated.

  • Release 4.3.1060 (16.09.2020)
    Release Notes
    • lectureEditor: Fixed portrait and other page formats for the video export.

    • lectureEditor: Fixed PLR export.

    • lecturePresenter: New tool-color-picker, font-picker and tex-font-picker.

    • lecturePresenter: SVG icons and new service indicators in the menu.

    • Swing apps: Default Look and Feel set to FlatLaf.

    • Multiple improvements and bug-fixes across the system.

  • Release 4.3.929 (10.06.2020)
    Release Notes
    • New functionality for editing of lecture recordings in lectureEditor.

    • Improved, cleaner user interface for lectureEditor.

    • First official release for Mac OS (alpha).

    • Multiple small improvements and bug-fixes.

  • Release 4.3.870 (24.04.2020)
    Release Notes

    The initial public release of lectureStudio.

Early-Access Program

Brave users can download the newest versions of lectureStudio in beta-testing stage using this link.

Note that these versions can still contain bugs and other issues.