Streaming guide

Guide for the new streaming functionality.

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User Manual

We are currently working on the English version of the detailed user manual.

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Installation Guide

Explains the installation on different plattform, using the installers that can be found in the Downloads section of this website.

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Quickstart Guide

Introduces the overall workflow for using lectureStudio and the most important features.

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Fix slide numbers with PowerPoint for PPspliT

In case you are splitting animations into multiple slides with PPspliT and have issues with preserving slide numbers, the instructions below describe how to solve that issue. The tool PPspliT has knowingly unsupported features regarding the preservation of slide numbers, if:

  • you are operating on a PPTX file that is imported into PowerPoint <=2003 using the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.
  • you have slide numbers that appear in standard text boxes that were not defined in slide masters and inserted as headers/footers in the slide deck.

If you created your slides with newer versions of PowerPoint, then you can skip this part.

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