lectureStudio is a free software tool for presenting PDF-based lectures. It integrates a wide spectrum of interactive features (e.g., annotation of slides by many pen-based tools), streaming and recording of audio and video, classroom response (interactive quizzes and messaging system) by smartphone web-browser, and much more.

lectureStudio does not require external servers and can also stream lectures by low-bandwidth connections (e.g. GSM mobile links), if necessary.

A presentation of the tool can be found in the demo section.

Digital Ink
Interactive tools, such as pen-based digital ink annotations.
Easy to use
Recording, post-processing and interactive feedback without effort.
Use lectureStudio on your preferred system. Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Present your slides in a dual-screen configuration with a digital tablet, PC or laptop and a projector.
Interactive Feedback
Get feedback with quizzes and messages via web browser.
Open Source
Released on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.

lectureStudio Users

User Lecture
Prof. Dr-Ing. Andreas Koch
  • Architectures and Design of Computer Systems
  • Introduction to Compiler Construction
  • Advanced Compiler Construction
Prof. Dr. Andy Schürr
  • Software Engineering - Introduction
  • Software Engineering - Maintenance and Quality Assurance
  • Real-time Systems
  • C / C++ Lab
Dr.-Ing. Florian Stock
  • Algorithms for Chip Design Tools
  • Practical FPGA Programming in High-level Languages
  • General Computer Science I
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heenes
  • Digital Technology
  • Computer Organization
  • Introduction to Scientific Work
  • Seminar: Digital Sovereignty
Prof. Dr. Kirstin Peters
  • Type Systems
  • Petri Nets and Their Analysis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Jakoby
  • High-Frequency Technology 1
  • Antennas & Adaptive Beamforming
Dr.-Ing. Eric Lenz
  • Robust Control
  • Identification of Dynamic Systems