lectureStudio is a free software tool for presenting PDF-based lectures. It integrates a wide spectrum of interactive features (e.g., annotation of slides by many pen-based tools), streaming and recording of audio and video, classroom response (interactive quizzes and messaging system) by smartphone web-browser, and much more.

lectureStudio does not require external servers and can also stream lectures by low-bandwidth connections (e.g. GSM mobile links), if necessary.

Tutorials for the tool can be found in the tutorials section.

Digital Ink
Interactive tools, such as pen-based digital ink annotations.
Easy to use
Recording, post-processing and interactive feedback without effort.
Use lectureStudio on your preferred system. Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Present your slides in a dual-screen configuration with a digital tablet, PC or laptop and a projector.
Interactive Feedback
Get feedback with quizzes and messages via web browser.
Open Source
Released on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.

lectureStudio Users

User Lecture
Prof. Dr-Ing. Andreas Koch
  • Architectures and Design of Computer Systems
  • Introduction to Compiler Construction
  • Advanced Compiler Construction
Prof. Dr. Andy Schürr
  • Software Engineering - Introduction
  • Software Engineering - Maintenance and Quality Assurance
  • Real-time Systems
  • C / C++ Lab
Dr.-Ing. Florian Stock
  • Algorithms for Chip Design Tools
  • Practical FPGA Programming in High-level Languages
  • General Computer Science I
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heenes
  • Digital Technology
  • Computer Organization
  • Introduction to Scientific Work
  • Seminar: Digital Sovereignty
Prof. Dr. Kirstin Peters
  • Type Systems
  • Petri Nets and Their Analysis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Jakoby
  • High-Frequency Technology 1
  • Antennas & Adaptive Beamforming
Dr.-Ing. Eric Lenz
  • Robust Control
  • Identification of Dynamic Systems


In the following gallery, you can find screenshots from the lectureStudio applications illustrating some of the most important features.

Highlight important points on your slides with annotations. Use whiteboards with lecturePresenter. Start a quiz with lecturePresenter and see the result in real time. With the help of lectureEditor, recordings can be edited and exported in common video formats. Apply noise reduction to improve sound quality. You can remove individual annotations from the recording. Export your recording for the web browser with lossless display quality. Export your recording for the web browser based on a video with additional functions.